Your Next Team Icebreaker Should Include Hoods and Handcuffs.


Your Next Team Icebreaker Should Include Hoods and Handcuffs.

Being a small IT consulting firm, culture is one of the most important components of our healthy business. While some teammates reside in West Palm Beach, Orlando, Gainesville and Chapel Hill, the majority of us work together in Charlotte. The way we all work together directly translates to how well we execute on client projects.

As a team, we must communicate. We need to raise our hand when we need help, address our pain points, celebrate our wins, listen carefully and ask questions to show our understanding.

As a team, we must work hard. We are a small business and “coasting” is not in our blood. We work with one another to produce results and hold everyone accountable, yet, we rely on only ourselves for motivation.

As a team, we must respect one another. We listen to other people’s ideas and opinions with an open mind, regardless of titles and seniority. We care about each other’s personal and professional growth.

As a team, we must grow together. We are always changing, always growing and always learning. New challenges may set us back temporarily, but we overcome them and keep moving forward. Backwards is not an option.

As a team, we must trust one another. We follow through on our promises and deliver quality work. We know that both our team and our clients are in good hands.

Most importantly, as a team, we must enjoy the journey. If one of our teammates is not happy, the team as a whole isn’t happy. We may not always have great days, but we must always feel challenged, rewarded and appreciated at the end of the day. After all, it is our people that create our success.

Working together professionally is only half the fun. Yesterday, the Acrowire team (minus those that work remotely or were unable to attend) left work early to grab dinner at Mac’s and then to Exit Strategy. Exit Strategy is an engaging and challenging 60-minute exercise that forces players to work together solving puzzles and cracking codes to “escape.” We were hooded, handcuffed and chained to one another in a cramped, dim room. Being led by our chained partner in front of us, we trusted the path we were going. We quickly adapted to this new environment and immediately began working together to escape. Some held lanterns while others tried unique lock codes. Some read instructions while others executed on them. Some brainstormed ideas while others acted accordingly. One by one, we were released from our shackles and celebrated each win together.

The only way to do this was by leveraging our existing values and the unique “thing” that makes our culture so strong.


About the Team

Meet (part of) the Team (from left to right):

Shannon – Chief Mechanic at Productio, Has a wild imagination and loves kite boarding at the beach.

Chelsea – VP of Marketing, Proud viewer of the National Spelling Bee and lives off coffee.

Evan – Marketing Intern, Likes alternative music and recently bought a German Shepherd.

Danielle – Engagement Coordinator, San Francisco native with an ear for voices and impressions (particularly Family Guy).

Kevin – Applications Practice Director; Prides himself on smoking brisket in his Green Egg. He also recently planted red peppers and is waiting for them to grow.

Bryce – Sales Development Representative; Recent UNCC graduate and enjoys playing tennis every Wednesday morning.

Mike – Chief Operations Officer; One of the smartest guys I’ve met. Actively fosters rescue dogs.

Me – President; Tar Heel fan and actively searching for time to start a hobby.

Brandon – Solutions Architect; Writes and records music at home with his wife. Father of three.

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