Why Millennials Prefer the Cloud, like SharePoint 2016, Over On-Premise


Why Millennials Prefer the Cloud, like SharePoint 2016, Over On-Premise

Read the latest Adestra report, it is clear that “millennials” prefer modern, instant, and accessible forms of communication like email and the products that support them in the cloud.

The report states that more than 80 percent of 14 to 34-year-olds check email “at random, all day long.”

What does this mean?

It means they like our information instantly, whenever they want it, and accessible from anywhere they choose to receive it. They don’t like to be handicap by old on-premise legacy platforms that do not fit into their everyday life.

Humans aren’t built to adapt to the needs of a tool. Tools are built to adapt and serve the needs of a human. It should augment and enhance a person’s life, not hinder it. Yet, that’s exactly what old legacy systems do, hinder. Don’t get me wrong. At one point those systems enhanced the quality of life. They made business processes move from an analog to a digital where we could organize and receive information like never before. The legacy systems thrived before the mobile age. Now we can receive information at anytime, anywhere, and on any device we choose. The abundance of choice and autonomy to receive information in our everyday life is unforeseen. If you are starting to realize these old legacy systems do not fit in our daily way of life in 2016, just wait until 2020. Everyday your organization is not on the cloud, you are becoming less competitive and agile than your competitor who is.

Millennials seem to inherently understand this. We were born during the transition in society from analog to digital and mobile. The Pew Research Center defines millennials being born from 1981 to 1997. The second generation of mobile phone systems emerged in the early 90s and by the late 90s mobile devices were starting to becoming the norm. In 2007 Steve jobs announced Apple’s first IPhone which forever changed the mobile landscape. Millennials did not develop mobile technology but we grew up to see and be a part of the evolution. We are used to constant disruption and change. We are wired to continually adapt to the best technology in order to be competitive and evolve.

Millennials prefer the cloud, like SharePoint 2016, over on-premise systems, for many reasons, but I’ll give you 5:

  1. They like to receive information instantly, whenever and wherever they choose.
  2. They trust the cloud, most of the time.
  3. They like updates and maintenance are simple and painless
  4. They understand that the cloud is the future.
  5. They want to stay competitive and proactive.

They like to receive information instantly, whenever and wherever they choose.

Whether they are out in the field, at home, in the office, or traveling, whenever they want their data, they should be able to access it. Not that they always have to have it, but knowing that they have the option to receive it whenever the need arises gives them the freedom to be proactive and flexible. It also gives them comfortability knowing they have the option. They also like to receive updates in real time. Millennials want to avoid any barriers that may hinder their ability to receive information whenever and wherever they want. Unfortunately, on-premise software does just that.

They trust the cloud, most of the time.

Millennials aren’t naïve to the risks associated with the cloud, however, they understand that risk will be involved either way. Personally, being a Millennial myself, I trust Microsoft’s world-class encryption much more than legacy systems that are outdated and most likely have gaps. Why? Well, unless your company is worth over a billion it would be tough to compete with the cash and resources Microsoft uses to encrypt their data. On top of the decades of experience they have in the space. Microsoft’s cloud has security built from the ground up. They ensure that security is embedded into every phase of the development process. For more reasons why you should trust the Microsoft cloud, visit the Microsoft Trust Center. There is risk associated with trusting your data to the cloud, but they are highly improbable. Most risk is related to people who do a poor job at protecting their passwords. The risk associated can be mitigated by having internal processes and guidelines. Like any good team you leverage the skillsets and core competencies of others. Having Microsoft on my team, makes me feel much safer about protecting my data while focusing on my core competencies.

They like updates and maintenance are simple and painless.

Updates and maintenance with on-premise software can be expensive and time-consuming. They require additional hardware and maintenance. You normally have to conduct on-site troubleshooting rather than remote. You also have to have additional on-site resources to continually manage and provide maintenance. All of this can add up to be one big headache. Millennials like processes and updates to happen seamlessly. By utilizing the cloud you’re able to conduct constant and reliable maintenance and updates. Updates allow you consistently use the best version available without having to completely replace the old software.

They understand that the cloud is the future.

This really isn’t an opinion of millennials, more of a fact. As, InfoWorld stated, “On-premise SharePoint 2016 will rely more and more on the cloud”. This trend is just getting started. We will see more on-premise software that utilizes hybrid configurations with the cloud. Microsoft calls this “Cloud-Accelerated Experiences”. The ease of updates and the increased bandwidth allows the cloud to have features and functionality that the on-premise versions cannot. By having an on-premises version that takes advantage of the cloud, you can have the best of both worlds, for now. Eventually, as cloud adoption increases, the word “on-premises” will be a thing of the past (at least in everyday lingo).

They want to stay proactive and competitive.

Millennials understand that in order to stay competitive in this ever-changing world, you must continue to adapt. If your competitors save 30 minutes a day from using the cloud they will gain an extra 2.5 hours per week on you. That seems minuscule until you realize that’s 130 hours per year. They have 130 hours to focus on more pertinent things related to the future success of their business. That’s assuming only one employee for the comparison. Think if you had 100 employees saving 30 extra mins per day. That number could add up fast. On top of the money and time you save from updates and maintenance. If your competitor is focused on the future success of its organization rather than spending time on administrative tasks, then it’s inevitable that they will have a better chance of success. Of course there are many more variables than that, but you get what I’m saying.

Millennials understand the need for high efficiency and minimal waste. They understand the value in collaborating with companies like Microsoft and Acrowire to focus on the technical stuff while they focus on the core competencies and growth of their business.

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