Strong Demand for App Dev Changing Law Firms' Outsourcing Approach


Strong Demand for App Dev Changing Law Firms’ Outsourcing Approach

According to Computer World’s 2014 forecast survey, demand for programmers and developers remains stable at being the number one sought after IT skill.  Fifty-four percent (54%) of companies state that they will make no changes to their IT employee head count, whereas 32% will increase their IT employee head count. Overall, 49% of respondents plan to hire for programming/application development within the next 12 months. Scot Melland, CEO of Dice Holdings, isn’t surprised one bit as these skills don’t linger on very long.

CIO New Hires

Software developers have one of the lowest unemployment rates according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at only 1.8%.

It’s clear there is a serious and steady demand for programming and development work; law firms have proven to be no different as firms are finding more efficient solutions through software development and allocating more spend towards their IT budgets. We know that top IT talent typically gets placed at IT firms, where these IT professionals can dabble across various industries and scales, while also leveraging access to cutting edge technology and learning opportunities. We also know that among law firm participants of the 2013 ILTA/InsideLegal Purchasing Survey, application development ranked 6th when asked: “What aspects of your technology infrastructure do you currently outsource?”  Application development only accounts for 17% of outsourcing.

What aspects of your technology infrastructure do you currently outsource?

ILTA Purchasing Survey


So what does this mean?

If your firm is looking to access top talent for application development, you’re likely be one of many firms in the near future to up the ante with your external IT provider and reevaluate your outsourcing strategy.

Application development that’s specific for your firm can be a game changer for your firm’s profitability and overall growth. If you sense there may be inefficiencies (and chances are, if you haven’t evaluated your business operations in the past few years, you can count on it) or lack specific reporting that can provide intel, application development can bridge the gaps you currently have and be a solution that you may never even realized was possible.  Begin with your internal IT department to understand what sort of skills and application development solutions are viable. Due your due diligence in exploring additional IT solutions with your outsourced provider to understand what sort of gaps may exist. With top programming and application development talent landing in the laps of IT firms, it’s worth the conversation if you’re trying to take your firm to the next level.

How do we retain top talent?

Attracting and retaining top IT talent is at the heart of where we thrive. For software development, we seek IT professionals with HTML, JavaScript and CSS skillsets. We help law firms find solutions through custom SharePoint software and standalone applications, among many other technology solutions and programming skills we have to offer. Our office sits in an eclectic arts district surrounded by diverse personalities, local restaurants and lots of energy; none of this is by mistake. When our team is happy, we all succeed.  Our programmers have endless opportunities to work on different projects, allowing them to leverage their top skills, acquire new skills and work with cutting edge technology. We encourage conference attendance to ensure our skills are always current and remain active in the IT world of uber nerds. After all, it’s where we feel at home.

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