Six Sigma Isn’t Just for the Big Dogs


Six Sigma Isn’t Just for the Big Dogs

Six Sigma is often associated with large manufacturing companies, driving down defect and error rates to increase productivity and deliver process improvements. Not anymore. In a world of increasing costs and demand for higher quality goods and services, companies of all shapes and sizes are migrating towards Six Sigma principles to cut costs and drive efficiencies in this ever-changing market. Six Sigma is no longer applied to just widget manufacturers; it’s woven its way in the fabric of companies like, Target, Quest Diagnostics, The Vanguard Group, Starwood Hotels and Resorts and many more.  In addition to middle market companies, small and medium-sized businesses are also incorporating Six Sigma in their culture.  Whether you’re looking to make the move for your law firm, consulting business or local diner – Six Sigma can add significant value to your business.

So, what is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is a statistically-driven, highly rigorous process that aims to eliminate errors, creating near-perfect products and services across all industries. As errors create time delays and setbacks, establishing a Six Sigma culture can only create more productive and efficient processes. However, if you think you can just wave a wand and say a couple buzz words to see the positive impact of Six Sigma principles – you’re wrong. Six Sigma isn’t just a process; it’s a way of life.

Implementing Six Sigma into your firm can help reduce cycle times, increase your bottom line, create a consistent methodology and language across organizations, empower associates, improve the quality of your goods and services and increase customer and client satisfaction.  Getting there requires Six Sigma training among your employees which is an investment in both time and money – but, as you know, it takes money to make money. Take the time to partner with certified Six Sigma professionals (yes, we can help you) and understand how the fundamentals can evolve to fit your business.

Have you already implemented Six Sigma into your business? Tell us what benefits you value the most.

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