SharePoint Online is Now Even BIGGER.


SharePoint Online is Now Even BIGGER.

In efforts to make Office 365 the “most trusted cloud service for productivity,” Microsoft is constantly rolling out new features and updates. Thus, removing potential roadblocks, making the platform more simple and powerful than ever. Recently, they have announced not only a huge boost in storage capacity for SharePoint Site Collection, but also an expansion of their global cloud footprint through new datacenter regions.

Previous plans such as E3 offered 1TB of storage space. However, last month, Microsoft announced an increase in available space, which allows customers to purchase up to 25TB of storage. In previous versions of SharePoint, the size of the content database limited the capacity of the Site Collection. Smaller boundaries led some organizations to have to divide Team Sites collaborations into multiple Site Collections in order to remain within the recommended size limits. In hopes to minimize the hurdles that teams must overcome, Microsoft is upgrading their platform so that Site Collections may store up to 25TB.

Let’s put that in perspective:

That is…
5,000,000 5MB documents
218,750 4MB songs
3,000,000 300kb PDF Files
333,333 1.5MB photos
2,789,062 330kb (10 slides) PPT presentations

This will simplify team collaboration substantially, allowing not only all of your Team Sites to be stored in one Site Collection, but also all of your Site Collections in a single Site Collection. The increase in available space is sure to make the platform more appealing to potential customers that saw the 1TB storage as a limitation, as the 25TB could help them avoid other document share services such as DropBox or ShareFile. There is an additional cost when purchasing more storage. Currently the price is $0.20 cents per GB per month.

SharePoint Online storage is available for the following subscriptions:

  • Office 365 Enterprise E1
  • Office 365 Enterprise E2
  • Office 365 Enterprise E3
  • Office 365 Enterprise E4
  • Office Online with SharePoint Plan 1
  • Office Online with SharePoint Plan 2
  • SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
  • SharePoint Online (Plan 2)

SharePoint Online Storage for Small Business is available for the following subscriptions:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium
  • Office 365 Small Business

In addition to making more space available, Microsoft has expanded their global cloud footprint through new datacenter regions, spanning across Japan, Australia, India, Canada and now the U.K. Aside from a breadth of highly secure productivity capabilities, these datacenter regions also allow for in-region data residency, failover and disaster recovery. These provide a means of support and problem solving for customers in any industry, which is great news for clients concerned about their data being stored outside their countries borders due to legal and or compliance issues.

For more information, visit // to see where the datacenters are globally.

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