SharePoint Can (Almost) Make Collaborative Editing Fun


SharePoint Can (Almost) Make Collaborative Editing Fun

Two words: Collaborative Editing. Do you have heartburn yet?  How many documents have come across your desk for editing and raised a pain point, over and over again? Did Outlook prevent the document from successfully reaching your inbox due to size? Was the document a PDF causing compatibility issues? Were the previous comments in tracked changes versus your sticky notes? Did the flow of editing among parties make logical sense? Chances are you’ve experienced some sort of consistent frustration.  Collaborative editing is a necessary evil in the legal world and unfortunately you can’t escape it. You’re not alone. SharePoint can help you with this – internally and externally.

You may already be using SharePoint, even in its basic default implementation for document storage. What you may not realize is that you have the ability to automate many of your existing workflows to alleviate the frustration in many day-to-day routines – collaborative editing, included. By establishing an automated workflow with approvals, documents can seamlessly be routed to each user via an email notification. Changes can be made with user comments/changes and are version controlled for a running list of time stamped documents. If you needed to refer back to an older version, you can do so here as opposed to frantically browsing through your recycling bin or making that dreaded phone call to your IT department. With SharePoint, you have the capability to store dated documents in an archive and active documents in your queue keeping your documents organized and secure. You’re also able to view status tickers (e.g. Pending Approval, Approved, Changes Requested) for each document, creating transparency in real time and eliminating the need to hunt down the status elsewhere.

Want the process to flow even faster? No problem. You can co-author the same document in SharePoint simultaneously, viewing edits as they happen real time. And yet, we’re just scratching the surface.

Collaboration tools can change the way you do business, allowing you to be more efficient and productive. Who doesn’t want that?

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