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Ask the Expert: Improving Today for a Better Tomorrow

Legal expert, Ted Theodoropoulos, joins Toby Brown and Angela Dowd for an ILTA Peer to Peer interview about business and legal process improvements, now and in the future. Read more, here.

Why Microsoft’s Matter Center Matters

Together, Ted Theodoropoulos and Joe Davis, Applications Manager at McCarter & English, address Matter Center’s potential and dominance as a DMS in the legal industry. Read more here

Why CIOs Must Participate in Budget Planning

Acrowire President, Ted Theodoropoulos, adds to the discussion in Law Technology News why budget planning for CIOs is so critical. Read more here

The App Model – Build Alongside, Not On, SharePoint

Acrowire President, Ted Theodoropoulos, discusses the new App Model for SharePoint and what this means for your IT department. Learn more here

Building a Law Factory

Acrowire President, Ted Theodoropoulos, is interviewed by Ron Friedmann about using Six Sigma to improve speed and quality of local Charlotte law firm.  Read more here

SharePoint 2013 – What’s New? Is It for You?

Acrowire President, Ted Theodoropoulos, highlights new and relevant functionality of SharePoint 2013 for legal professionals. Learn more here.

A Broader Reach for Six Sigma in Charlotte

The collaboration between Acrowire and the Hunoval Law Firm in implementing Six Sigma into the law firm’s DNA is explored by the Charlotte Business Journal.  Read more by clicking here.

Acrowire: Combining offshore, Local Labor

Acrowire President, Ted Theodoropoulos, discusses strategies for building a business in the Charlotte Business Journal. Read more by clicking here.

How to Successfully Manage Technical Debt

Carolyn Seaman, Associate Professor of Information Systems at UMBC in Baltimore, interviews Ted Theodoropoulos, Acrowire President, on how Technical Debt can be taken on safely and managed successfully – ultimately bridging the gap between technology and business by allowing organizations to prioritize debt remediation efforts based on ROI. Click here to listen to the interview and read more.

Q&A: Looking at SharePoint in the Cloud

Acrowire President, Ted Theodoropoulos, gives expert advice for businesses choosing between on-premises and cloud SharePoint at Redmondmag.com. Read more by clicking here.

Cloud Migration Can Lift a Business

PC World Magazine features Acrowire’s Case Study, “Mortgage Company Set to Expand With Cloud Migration.”  Read more by clicking here.