NetDocuments API Accelerator is Now Available


NetDocuments API Accelerator is Now Available

I am proud to reveal one of Acrowire’s newest developments and AmLaw 100 inspired platforms, the NetDocuments API Accelerator. This API Accelerator mimics an on-premises integration experience enhancing both speed and simplicity for on-prem integrations with NetDocuments.

Code complexity that is inherently present when working with a sophisticated and ever-changing API can be mitigated by using our Accelerator as a proxy. Our aggressive caching architecture accesses NetDocuments data from other applications and can be as fast as any on-prem DMS environment. Now, with our NetDocuments API Accelerator, there is an end-to-end solution that sits seamlessly between NetDocuments and your on-prem integrations, shown in the figure below:

Acrowire NetDocuments API Accelerator

With this unique and unprecedented tool, Acrowire abstracts away the sophistication and complexities so your firm benefits in five core areas:

Integration | Business

  • Integrate your business processes and functions with legal artifacts

Integration | Knowledge

  • Integrate using an abstract API that safely versions with the NetDocuments API

Integration | Systems 

  • Integrate your existing custom and extendable applications through SOAP, REST, and ODATA

Integration | Stability

  • Stay safe from NetDocuments downtime or network disruption with local caching

Integration | NetDocuments 

  • Integrate with NetDocuments and your organization

The API Accelerator is now available on a subscription-basis and relevant to firms of all sizes integrating with NetDocs.

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