How Secure Is Your On-Prem Environment?


How Secure Is Your On-Prem Environment?

Security in the cloud continues to be a top concern among law firms and organizations. Today, 90% of organizations (across industries) still have concerns when considering public cloud adoption. This number is HUGE and an indicator that awareness around cloud security is necessary.

In our 2015 ILTA roadshow series, SharePoint Online Versus On-Premise, security is a large chunk of what we discuss for this very reason. There is a perception that cloud security is less secure than an on-prem environment – but the reality is, it is what you make it.Cloud Security

What does that mean?

Security in the cloud is a MUST. When you move to SharePoint Online, there are dedicated teams around the globe managing your data’s security. There are also Office 365 Compliance Standards that must be met to also ensure cloud security. This all happens seamlessly behind the scenes; some firms prefer this ease of management.

Security on-prem can be as secure (or vulnerable) as you make it. Your data’s security is left in your hands and other firms prefer it that way – we understand that.

How do you know if your on-prem environment is secure?

We have created a security checklist below (not comprehensive) for you to pressure check against your existing environment.

Do you have…

  1. Port scanning and remediation
  2. Perimeter vulnerability scanning
  3. Timely OS patching
  4. Network-level DDOS detection access and actions
  5. Auditing of all operator access and actions
  6. Just-in-time elevations
  7. Automatic rejection of non-background-check employees to high-privilege access
  8. Isolation between mail environment and production access environment for all employees
  9. Automated tooling for routine activities
  10. Automatic account deletion
    • When an employee leaves
    • When an employee changes groups
    • When there is lack of use

How did you score? If staying on-prem is the best option for your firm, we urge you to implement the proper and necessary preventative security measures to keep your data safe. At least 80% of the largest 100 law firms have experienced some sort of breach  – scary.

If you would like to learn more about SharePoint Online Versus On-Prem, register to one of our roadshows. We’ll be visiting 21 cities this year so there is plenty of opportunity to learn more about security, feature differences, 3rd party integration and support and much more. Or, you can always contact us directly – we’d love to hear from you.


*Special thanks to Moore & Van Allen in our  hometown, Charlotte, for hosting our first ILTA Roadshow on SharePoint Online Versus On-Premise!


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