Google Glass and Your Firm's Effectiveness


Google Glass and Your Firm’s Effectiveness

With the release of Google Glass open to the public today, this marks a huge milestone for us tech-obsessed consumers and business owners. This hands-free device isn’t just a novelty for consumers; rather, it can be essential to businesses if you’re looking for ways to challenge the status quo and create new efficiencies. Forbes point several industry use cases for Google Glass. The legal industry is no different.

Although, law firms face a unique challenge in that new technologies are becoming available far faster than the rate at which law firms adopt them. This gap results in inefficiencies and dissatisfaction with IT. According to this article in InformationWeek, more and more businesses are realizing the value of IT at the same time dissatisfaction with IT effectiveness is on the rise. We run into this paradigm frequently with our legal clients during the introductory phase. It states, “Only 13% said their IT organizations are effective at introducing new technologies faster or more effectively than competitors, down from 22% the year before.

Google Glass is a prime example of another new technology that is up for grabs in earning that competitive advantage in the legal industry. In this short video, law school student and tech enthusiast, Andy Ninh, talks about leveraging Google Glass to create “on-demand legal services” to increase efficiencies. It is no surprise that the perceptions and enthusiasm of Google Glass is divided among legal professionals. With privacy being a major concern and technologies such as cloud computing still posing a threat, Google Glass has yet to win everyone over. But, for those who see innovation as an asset, investing in Google Glass can create convenience and efficiencies for attorneys like never before. Whether it’s a video chat to explain/co-author/approve contracts, recording depos, apps to track time and billing or screen sharing to solve network infrastructure issues in a timely matter, Google Glass seems to offer ample possibilities for reinventing your current operations.

Google Glass

What are your thoughts on Google Glass? Has your firm considered testing it out? What are your biggest concerns?

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