Enhanced Search Capabilities in SharePoint 2013


Enhanced Search Capabilities in SharePoint 2013

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to save time throughout your work day, without having to sacrifice a coffee run or more importantly, the quality of your work. With a limited amount of time each day, finding ways to optimize time in my daily tasks is critical. And, even if that means saving a minute here and a minute there, it usually all adds up to a couple of extra hours by the end of the work week.

With the SharePoint 2013 enhancements, the new search capabilities caught my attention as another way to save time. Below is a brief overview of new search features:


When searching for documents, new intelligence recalls previous behavior to quickly surface relevant documents that you’re likely to be searching; these documents surface to the top of the results page, saving you time from looking any further. A list of “Results you’ve clicked” and “Suggested documents to follow” also appear further narrowing your search and quickly getting you to where you’ve previously been. Seamlessly targeting your search with the help of SharePoint 2013’s intent-driven search functionality will create a better user experience from beginning to end.

Search Sharepoint new


SharePoint 2013 also provides a preview feature, allowing you to hover over documents in the search results for a visual display without having to open each document (shown to the right, below). This visual display applies to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, images and videos. Not only can you hover to preview the first page, but you also have the capability of thumbing through documents in the preview panel without actually opening them, as well. Think about how many times you have opened a 50-page PowerPoint only to realize it’s not the correct one? If you’re constantly opening, editing, sending documents, leveraging these new features of SharePoint 2013 will be a time saver.

SharePoint Preview


Visual refiners are another way to target search capabilities. This isn’t necessarily a new feature with SharePoint 2013, but because FAST is embedded within SharePoint 2013, you’ll have more robust functionality. Visual refiners allow you to further target your search based on a number of criteria, such as dates, formats and authors, producing more relevant results instantly (shown to the left, below).

Visual Refiners

Searching for documents doesn’t have to be a necessary evil. Rather, it can just be a necessary function of your workday and with the new features of SharePoint 2013, it can also be fairly painless. Finally.

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