Company Outing at Eagle Gun & Range


Company Outing at Eagle Gun & Range

Work hard, play hard. Or in our case, work really hard, aim straight. Last week, my team and I took a break from all things SharePoint, .NET, Six Sigma, etc., to focus our energies elsewhere – the shooting range.

We visited Eagle Gun & Range in Concord, North Carolina. Almost everyone located in Charlotte was able to join me; it was nice to spend time together outside the office and do something we enjoy, and try something new for some.

Below are a few pictures from this event:

2015-02-19 17.23.57

Rex shooting Sig Sauer 9mm

2015-02-19 17.24.19

   Luke shooting Glock 17

2015-02-19 17.24.10

Mike shooting AR-15

2015-02-19 16.59.34

Pauline shooting Shotgun 12 gauge


Patrick shooting Springfield .45ACP

 2015-02-19 16.41.14


Left to Right: Ted Theodoropoulos, Pauline Valentino, Luke Seifert, Jeff Bodem, Rex Whitten, Patrick Lamm, Kevin Stricklin, Brian McCary

What a great team I have  – thank you, all! Those that were unable to make it – you were missed.


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