Business Process Development


Business Process Development

Even if it’s not broke, it may be time to fix it. 

Today I would like to discuss the old saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it.” Do you live by this motto?

While this saying may be true for some things in life, a toaster or television for example, when it comes to business technology, it just is not true.  Think about it in terms of banking.  If regional or community banks never innovated and changed the way they did business using technological advances, they would be long gone in the competition against national banks – from remote capture deposit to full-service ATMs.

The same goes for any business.  Following the break/fix rule in managing technology means missing opportunities to improve productivity, make informed business decisions and align IT purchases to support your long-term business strategy. Ask yourself:

  • Do you do things the same as you have for the past couple of years?
  • Are paper documents floating around your office?
  • Would it be challenging to manage substantive growth within your company?

How did you answer these questions? If you answered “yes,” it’s possible there are not “breaks” in your system or processes, but there most likely are missed opportunities. Here are my thoughts on the above three questions…

I’ll make a bet your competition is not doing everything the same as the last year. And if they are, don’t you want to be better than them? Making the right technology investment can mean large dividends for your company.

  • If paper documents are floating around your office, think about the time that would be saved by putting a collaboration system in place. And even better, it would deliver transparency to operational reporting. No more digging through stacks of reports… instead, they could be a click away.
  • If you want to drive profits without disrupting your business, you must have a process in place for business scalability. It’s as simple as that.

Since the break/fix motto doesn’t support seeing the big picture, like the three examples above, recognizing the best technology for your company is nearly impossible.

Your ability to know which technology can improve performance and enhance profitability for your business is completely lost, converting into higher operating costs and lost revenue. It’s time to revamp your business processes and realize the brake/fix motto is long gone in the business world.


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