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What Makes a Great Intranet?

So, you have an intranet and it…works. A few people are using it – you think. Documents are sporadically posted, the search repository is incomplete, workflows are half-built and the design mirrors that of a Word document. Every time employees …

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You thought SharePoint was dead.

But then you read about SharePoint’s future.

On May 4th, Microsoft hosted the “Future of SharePoint” event in San Francisco, delivering a long-term vision for the (now) cloud-first, mobile-first collaboration tool and energizing the SharePoint community with a …

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Ark Group’s BI&A Forum Emphasizes Simplicity and Standardization

As firms are raising the bar to seek a competitive edge, leveraging business intelligence and analytics is increasingly becoming a necessity. For those firms already using business intelligence, many are struggling with the decentralized sources in which data is acquired. …

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Using Google Glass for Process Mapping in Your Firm

On April 15th, I addressed the public release of Google Glass and emphasized the benefits of using this hands-free device (here). That is, if you’re able to find a necessary use case for this expensive gadget, you’ll likely …

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Business Process Development

Even if it’s not broke, it may be time to fix it. 

Today I would like to discuss the old saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it.” Do you live by this motto?

While this saying may …

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